Student Support Services

There are many paths for a student who may find themselves in a situation of conflict or with concerns regarding either an academic or clinical course, instructors or preceptor.

Academic Courses

For challenges with academic courses, students should begin by initiating a discussion with their Course Lead.  If their concerns are not sufficiently addressed, the student may choose to speak directly to the Student Services Manager or Undergraduate Program Lead, should they feel further involvement is warranted.

Clinical Course/Preceptors

Conflict resolution should first begin with a conversation between the two parties. The Midwifery program encourages all students to address any issues with their clinical preceptors directly. If this is not possible, or if support is required, students should then speak to their Tutor.  The Tutor will provide perspective and advise, and will support the student to consider how best to address their concerns. If further assistance is required, the Tutor will contact the Course Lead, and if needed, the Undergraduate Program Lead.

The Midwifery Student Support Committee (MSSC) will be notified of any situations which are not easily resolved.  The MSSC will act in an advisory capacity to support the student and faculty involved with any ongoing disputes and to support all parties and ensure University policies are being followed. In cases where resolution is not easily reached, the Program Director will be advised.

Student Services

The Students Services Manager is available for one-on-one consultation throughout the school terms. Students always have the option of making an appointment with the Student Services Manager as an alternative to their course instructors should they need a safe, confidential and secondary space to discuss any program-related issues. The Student Services Manager can act as an intermediary between students and faculty as well as provide alternative sources of support offered through UBC for student issues both academic and personal.

Midwifery Student Support Committee (MSSC):

The Midwifery Program is a professional program which requires a specific level of competency in several areas in order to be successful both as a student in the program and a practicing midwife.  The Midwifery Student Support Committee (MSSC) meets on the first Tuesday of each month and is comprised of members of faculty and staff.  The MSSC’s role is to advocate for students’ success in the program, by:

  • Providing extra resources to support academic success
  • Providing extra resources and tools to support clinical placement success
  • Providing one to one support and follow up in the form of goal setting, coaching, documented in a support plan

The MSSC is the committee that reviews requests and makes decisions regarding, but not limited to:

  • academic leaves
  • accommodation requests
  • the formation of support plans,
  • the formation of probation plans
  • recommendations on student progress in the program.

Any decisions regarding student progression in the program are put forward by the MSSC to the Program Director for final decision.


All conversations between students, staff or faculty are confidential.  No information will be shared without the students consent.

UBC Student Support Systems:

There are various support offices throughout UBC available to help support students and their varying needs during their education.  Below are a number of options should you require:

UBC Student Services:  Helpful information about Registration, UBC and Vancouver:

UBC Student Assistance Program

UBC Counselling Services: Drop in counselling services with a Wellness Advisor is available to all UBC Students:

Enrolment Services Professional (ESP):  Every student at UBC is assigned an ESP when they start at the university.  The ESP is available to help with any financial and registration issues you may have.  You can locate your ESP on your Student Service Centre (SSC) profile.

Academic Success:  Resources and information to help you work smarter, not harder:

UBC Learning Commons:  The Learning Commons at UBC is an evolving collection of student-curated learning resources to support academic success and wellness.  From academic writing support to resources to help you improve your classroom and life skills, the Learning Commons strives to support UBC students to academic success

Centre for Accessibility: For students who have an ongoing medical condition or disabilities that can impact their educational success, the Centre for Accessibility facilitates accommodations between students and programs to ensure support is identified:

For more information on UBC student support systems, please see the link below to all available UBC Student Support Services: