UBC Midwifery

UBC is the only Midwifery Education Program in British Columbia. More than 80 students attend this program annually with clinical practice sites all around British Columbia. Students are taught by more than 300 practicing midwives who are Clinical Faculty members. UBC Midwifery is much more than the Bachelor’s Degree in Midwifery. It includes a Bridging Program enabling internationally educated midwives to prepare for registration to practice in BC and a thriving Continuing Professional Development section. A half dozen faculty members have funded research projects and have numerous published contributions to the knowledge base for Midwifery. UBC Global Health provides International Midwifery consultation and provides students learning experiences in Uganda and Nepal. UBC has something to offer all those interested in Midwifery.


Leadership, excellence and innovation in midwifery.


Strengthening respectful and responsive care for diverse families and communities by advancing the art and science of midwifery education, research and practice.


We value inclusiveness and diversity to increase creativity in thinking and our ability for collaboration in our work within and outside of UBC. We promote equity in education and health care access. We value relationships that are built on respect, kindness and compassion.