Strengthening Mothers Through Perinatal Research Award

A $1,500 award is offered annually by Beverley O’Brien for graduate students pursuing research into woman-centered, holistic and physiologic maternity care. Beverley O’Brien is a UBC Nursing alumna, Professor Emerita in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Nursing, and a Registered Midwife. Graduate students who are registered in any UBC graduate program are eligible to apply for this Graduate Student award. There is a strong preference for this award to go to a nurse or midwife pursuing graduate work. The focus of the graduate work must be on strengthening mothers through the development of research evidence. All applicants must be in good academic standing with the University, and must be making satisfactory progress towards their degree as defined by the UBC Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. For more information:

2020 Recipient

Congratulations to Kayonne Christy, a Master’s degree student in Sociology at UBC whose research project, Investigating racial disparities in maternal health: An intersectional, cross-national examination of Black women’s experiences of prenatal care will examine the experience of Black women in Canada and Jamaica with prenatal care. She will look at the similarities and differences in the prenatal healthcare experiences of Black women in Jamaica and Canada to determine what accounts for these similarities and differences, specifically focusing on racial inequalities.