Jean Cooper Bursary

A Bursary fund has been endowed by friends and colleagues in honour of Jeanette Cooper RM SCM for UBC students in the Midwifery Program who are in need of financial assistance. Jean died at home on June 3, 2002, in Maple Ridge, BC, with the support of her family after a two and a half year battle with cancer.

Over her midwifery career, Jean gave tirelessly of herself to care for pregnant women and new mothers and babies in Maple Ridge and in the Safe Passages program on Vancouver’s lower East Side, where she also worked prior to regulation. She worked with equal passion and dedication for the recognition of midwifery in BC. She was appointed to the College Board in 1995 and brought her good humour, patience and perseverance to the work of a variety of committees. Jean made it her mission to keep the finances of the fledgling regulatory body on track, while also working passionately to make regulated midwifery in BC something that would serve women, respectfully and with choices. She has carried that passion with her her whole life and shared it with others as a supervisor and mentor. Jean was well respected by her local medical colleagues and was instrumental in the integration of midwifery into the health care system in the Fraser Valley.

Jean was a much loved member of BC’s midwifery community and is greatly missed.