Island Cohort

Island Cohort students work closely with midwives on Vancouver Island. After completing their first year of academic study in Vancouver, up to eight midwifery students move to Victoria to continue their education.

With UBC’s videoconferencing technology, students in the Island Cohort continue to share a number of classes with their Vancouver counterparts. At the same time, Island Cohort students have the opportunity to develop close bonds with the community of midwives on Vancouver Island.

The Island Cohort is one of several ways the Midwifery Program exposes students to health care settings beyond the Lower Mainland. This initiative was launched in 2014, and responds to the need to meet the growing demand for midwifery services across British Columbia.


UBC Midwifery Program launches new Island Cohort (Faculty of Medicine Communications, December 2014)





Tea break for students in Victoria Left to right: Emilie Ouellette, Rayann Harris, Josie Duncan, Kim Daniels, Meredith Campbell, Grace Wicken, Negar Aghtouman (January 2022)





3rd year students practicing ‘Donning & Doffing for the OR’. Rayann Harris, Bryanne Isdahl, Kim Daniels, Meredith Campbell, Clare Mildenberger, Emilie Ouellette. (September 2022 Intensives)