A minimum of a grade 12 high school diploma is required. Although there is no specific GPA prerequisite for the Midwifery Program at UBC, we recommend you hold a minimum of 75%.

Prospective applicants who would like more information on how to improve their application may contact the Student Services Manager to schedule an advising appointment, either in person or by phone.

As there are limited seats for incoming students, the Midwifery Program is currently restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents, with preference given to BC residents.

Very. Each year, 100+ candidates apply, and 32 students are admitted.

Yes. You can take the prerequisites at another post-secondary institution. However, it is essential that the courses are approved as transferable and equivalent to the UBC courses.

Yes. All applicants are encouraged to reapply if they are unsuccessful in their initial attempts. Each applicant will be completely re-assessed.

Yes. The program does not waitlist for future academic classes. Each year begins a new assessment.

A list of approved equivalent courses for the prerequisites can be found in Admission Requirements. The BC Transfer Guide will also help you determine if the courses you have taken are considered equivalent to the Midwifery Program prerequisites.

No. All applicants must have completed the post-secondary prerequisite courses, BIOL 153 and ENGL 112, before entering the program. Since acceptance to the Midwifery Program is competitive, we strongly recommended that you complete 24 transferable post-secondary credits before applying.

No. The prerequisites, BIOL 153 and ENGL 112, do not need to be completed before you apply. You may apply while the courses are in progress, providing you can show confirmation of enrolment. However, both courses must be completed and official transcripts received by Undergraduate Admissions no later than June 30th.

Yes. The program strongly encourages all individuals who meet its admissions criteria to apply.

The Midwifery Program does not currently offer a post-graduate credential. However, midwives who meet UBC's criteria for admission to graduate studies may consider pursuing graduate studies in related disciplines, such as Public Health.

The Midwifery office is located in Room 320, third floor of the David Strangway Building, 5950 University Boulevard. The entrance is in between Shopper’s Drug Mart and Scotiabank near the corner of University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall.

Please contact Aisha Sallad, Student Services Manager, at 604-875-2424 ext. 4046 or aisha.sallad@ubc.ca.

Program Delivery

No. Midwifery Program courses are not available at a distance and must be attended in their entirety at UBC Vancouver. Clinical placements are organised within the province of British Columbia.

The four-year education program consists of lectures and seminars, hands-on training, and supervised clinical experience. Students are required to be on the UBC Vancouver Campus full time for the first year to follow a set curriculum of courses. The remaining three years focus on theoretical and skills training, with a clinical practicum required each term under the supervision of a UBC Midwifery tutor and a trained preceptor (registered midwife).

No. However, you will be sent a survey to determine your preferred placement location. The Clinical Education Coordinator determines placements primarily according to student learning needs with consideration of individual student's preferred locations.

No. The Midwifery Program does not currently offer an accelerated program.

There is no part-time option. Enrolment in Midwifery courses is limited to students registered in the full-time Midwifery Program.

Financial support is available through government loans, university bursaries, and bank-based lines of credit. For more information visit Student Services - Finances.

If you need to take a leave from the program, you submit a formal request in writing to the Academic Support Committee. All requests will be considered and recommendations will be forwarded to the Director of the Midwifery Program. Due to the unique structure of the program, returns from leaves of absence cannot always be accommodated at the requested time.