Funding and Scholarships

In addition to special funding and scholarships available to all students at UBC, there are special scholarships or funding opportunities that are limited to Midwifery students. In addition to the awards below, students are encouraged to ask the Student Services Office for potential funding sources.

Jean Cooper Bursary 
Canadian Black Midwifery Student Fund
Strengthening Mothers Through Perinatal Research Award
Premier Undergraduate & Wesbrook Scholarships
Maija Leivo and Ian Herring Entrance Award in Midwifery
Midwives Association of BC Student Awards 2021
Carol Hird Memorial Award
Student Aid BC:

Recent graduates in select in-demand occupations, including midwifery, can have their B.C. student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly-funded facilities in underserved communities in B.C., or working with children in occupations where there is an identified shortage in B.C. For more information:

UBC Health:

UBC Health annually sponsors health scholarships and awards. These competitive awards are announced each fall. Watch for postings from the Midwifery Student Services Office.

These scholarships and awards recognize the academic and research excellence of students from various health disciplines at UBC, as well as the achievements of health educators, professionals, and community partners across BC.

Scholarships for UBC Students
ImpactBC Scholarships in Health Care Research and Development
John H. V. Gilbert Interprofessional Scholarship
Professor Jessie Gordon MacCarthy Memorial Scholarship