Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty are registered midwives who run active practices in British Columbia and devote significant time to training and mentoring midwifery students. The Midwifery Program can only fulfill its mandate with the dedicated participation of preceptors who prepare midwifery students for practice. Clinical faculty enjoy many of the same benefits available to full-time academic faculty, such as travel and buying discounts. The Faculty of Medicine’s website lists Clinical Faculty benefits under Services & Perks.

All UBC Preceptors must have Clinical Faculty Appointments with the Faculty of Medicine. Only a few exceptions apply to non-midwife and interprofessional clinical placements.

Midwives interested in being UBC Clinical Preceptors must:

  • Complete the Preceptor Application form
  • Complete required Preceptor training
  • Complete the Clinical Faculty Application Form (Please email Susan Van Bruggen for the form and details)

Preceptor Application Form:

The Preceptor Application form can be submitted through our website using the button below. If you have any questions, please contact Kayley Redgers

Required Preceptor Training:

As part one of the preceptor training, you will need to complete all of the following programs and modules, for which you will receive a $250 honorarium:

  1. Complete the preceptor education program (PEP) modules at and provide the certificates of completion, labelled and in PDF format, to Susan Van Bruggen. [9 modules 30-45 minutes each]
    • NOTE: The Certificates are available at the end of each module and not at the end of the course.
  2. Complete the UBC Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training module and provide the certificate of completion in PDF format to Susan Van Bruggen. [20 mins followed by a quiz]
  3. The workshop is being updated, and we will contact you once it is ready.

Clinical Application Form:

For the Clinical Faculty Application, please contact Susan Van Bruggen for the application instructions. You will be asked to prepare and complete the formal Clinical Faculty Application and Payment Instruction Form, provide an updated Curriculum Vitae or resume, and fill out an (optional) Electronic Funds Transfer. The instructions and forms will be provided upon completing the preceptor application requirements listed above.

Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Representatives

  • Kate Blake

    Kate Blake

    Clinical Instructor, Representative, Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Committee
  • Laura Mercer

    Laura Mercer

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Representative, Family Practice Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee
  • Terry Evans

    Terry Evans

    Clinical Associate Professor, Representative, Family Practice Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee