Distributed Online Courses

The UBC Midwifery Program offers successful first-year applicants who live outside of the lower mainland the option of joining the Distributed Online Midwifery Education (DOME) cohort.  As a member of the DOME cohort, students can attend first-year classes online from their own communities. Students who qualify for DOME are not required to participate and may choose to move to Vancouver for the first year of classes if they choose, particularly if they aren’t comfortable with online learning. Weekly classes will be distributed using videoconferencing technology to students in their home communities.

Students selected for the DOME program are required to come to Vancouver the first week of term for orientation to meet faculty and classmates. They will attend their first classes in person that week and complete other new student orientation requirements. Following this, DOME students will return to their homes and attend classes. Textbooks and assigned readings are available online through the UBC Library. Toward the end of the term in November, DOME students are required to once again return to Vancouver for a week of skills labs and in-person learning.

Students qualified for DOME will:

  • Meet admissions requirements for the bachelor’s degree program and be admitted into the fall cohort
  • Have a personal computer with Windows 10 or macOS
  • Have internet access
  • Be able to travel to Vancouver 1-2 times a term

If you have further questions, please contact the Midwifery Program’s Student Services Manager/Advisor.  You can find their contact here.

Midwifery faculty Cathy Ellis and Luba Butska help students review newborn resuscitation over Zoom.