Admission Requirements

The Midwifery Program application process is competitive. It is strongly recommended that all applicants complete a minimum of 24 transferable post-secondary credits by the end of the application deadline term (December), so their GPA can be calculated at a post-secondary level.

For applicants who have completed more than 24 credits, UBC Admissions will look at the most recently completed 30 credits from the individual’s undergraduate education. Applicants who have started or completed a Master’s degree will still be assessed by their 30 most recent undergraduate credits. Applicants with fewer than 24 transferable post-secondary credits will have their GPA determined using a combination of their high school performance and any post-secondary studies.

Click here for a more comprehensive overview of the Midwifery admissions process.

Transfer Credit

UBC Admissions will determine the amount of transfer credits awarded to a student at the time of admission. Students should consult the BC Transfer Guide before applying to the Midwifery Program to determine which courses are recognized by UBC.

If students are unable to find the course or are from another province, they may have an assessment completed on the course to determine transferability. For more information regarding transfer credit, consult the BC Transfer Guide or UBC Undergraduate Admissions.

All individuals who apply to the Midwifery Program must first submit an application to UBC and meet the general admission requirements including minimum grade point average as defined by the UBC Calendar. The Midwifery Program will not consider applications from individuals who do not meet the UBC entrance requirements.

UBC does not recognize a GED (General Education Development) as equivalent to a provincially recognized high school diploma. Please refer to UBC Admissions for high school requirements from across Canada.

Every applicant is required to complete the following post-secondary courses before they begin Year One of the program. The courses must be confirmed complete by official transcripts received by Undergraduate Admissions no later than June 30th of the intake year:

  • BIOL 155 (Human Biology: Physiology and Introductory Anatomy) or an approved equivalent (6 Credits)*. This course is generally a two term course, and both parts must be completed in order to meet this requirement. Applicants must have completed this course within 5 years of their entrance to Year 1 of the program. 
  • WRDS 150B (Writing and Research in the Disciplines) or an approved equivalent (3 Credits).  *NOTE:   Any applicant who has previously completed a university degree will have the WRDS 150B prerequisite waived.

To locate an equivalent course, applicants can search the BC Transfer Guide by Receiving Institution (UBC-Vancouver Campus). Please refer to the comprehensive list offered on the UBC Nursing website. For the English equivalent, any of the following WRDS 150B course equivalents from within BC will be approved.

Applicants from outside British Columbia who wish to have courses assessed for equivalency should contact the Student Services Manager for further instruction.

All students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine are required to meet the immunization standards established by the UBC Student Health Services (SHS). Students receive documentation outlining SHS immunization requirements on admission to the Midwifery Program. The SHS notifies the Midwifery Program once a student has completed the immunization protocol.

Immunization requirements are in place to protect the student as well as the women and neonates to whom students provide care. It is the professional responsibility of each student to ensure these requirements are fulfilled prior to their entry into MIDW 200; the first clinical placement course in the second year of the program. Students who do not comply with the immunization requirements will not be permitted to participate in any clinical placement course. This will jeopardize progression throughout, and graduation from, the Midwifery Program.

The Midwifery Program reserves seats for qualifying Indigenous students each year. Students may self-identify as Indigenous on their university application or through the Midwifery Supplemental Application.