How to Apply

Step 1: UBC Application

Submit a UBC application through Undergraduate Programs and Admissions. Please contact Undergraduate Programs and Admissions if you have any application questions. Former or current UBC students must also apply to UBC for readmission or transfer by logging into the Applicant Services Centre with their CWL.

Step 2: Midwifery Program Application

Submit a supplemental Midwifery Program application. You will receive access to the supplemental application through the Applicant Services Centre once you have submitted your UBC application and paid your application fee. As indicated on the example Midwifery supplemental application, this also includes writing a personal statement.

Step 3: Application Fees

Pay the non-refundable UBC application fee and the supplemental application fee (by credit card only).

Step 4: Transcripts

Have all official transcripts sent to UBC Undergraduate Admissions. Unofficial transcripts confirming registration are also needed for prerequisite courses in progress. Unofficial transcripts can be uploaded to the Applicant Services Centre through the document upload option. Prerequisite courses must be completed and transcripts received by Undergraduate Admissions no later than June 30th.

Step 5: Interviews

Top candidates will be invited for interviews to be held in the Spring. For more information on the interview process, please contact the Student Services Manager.

The online application for admission to the University of British Columbia opens in the fall of each year. As a Midwifery Program candidate, your UBC application must be completed by December 5th.

Once the UBC application has been submitted and the application fee is paid, a link to the Midwifery Supplemental Application will be opened in your Applicant Services Centre account. The Midwifery Supplemental Application must be completed and the supplemental fee paid by January 15th.

Undergraduate Programs and Admissions needs to receive your official transcripts by January 15th.

For the current year’s exact deadlines for submitting applications and documents, refer to Undergraduate Programs and Admissions, and scroll down to Students Applying to Midwifery or Nursing.

  1. Meet UBC’s general admission requirements
  2. Have confirmation of completion of the Midwifery Program prerequisites
  3. Submit the UBC application and pay the application fee
  4. Submit the Midwifery Supplementary Application and pay the application fee
  5. Have all official transcripts sent directly to Undergraduate Admissions