BIPOC Mentors Network

UBC’s BIPOC Mentor Network is an initiative that was created for the students, by the students! This page introduces BC midwives who have come forward to be part of UBC’s BIPOC Mentor Network. All the mentors are registered midwives living and practicing in BC, and proud members of the BIPOC midwifery community.

The goal of the BIPOC Mentor Network is to provide BIPOC midwifery students the opportunity to connect with BIPOC midwives for insight, guidance and support during their own midwifery journeys. The BIPOC mentors are open and available to providing individualized support for BIPOC students, that is based in their lives and work as BIPOC midwives.

Linkage with midwives in the Network is student driven. The BIPOC Network mentors are identified here. BIPOC students interested in mentoring can contact the midwife of their choice directly.

The potential size of the BIPOC network is unlimited. Are you a BC BIPOC midwife who is interested in mentoring students? Please contact Cecilia Jevitt, Midwifery Program Director.

Evelyn George is available as an Indigenous mentor.