UBC Health Care Workers in Ukraine: Dr. Luba Butska

Dr. Luba Butska, our professor, has gained recognition in UBC news, CBC, and the BCMJ for her humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Alongside her family, she dedicated her summer to volunteering with Ukrainian Patriot, an organization committed to providing aid to both frontline individuals and innocent civilians affected by the conflict.

UBC News

In May 2022 she she and her husband Drew Kostyniuk—a nurse practitioner, were deployed with the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMAT)—a disaster-relief organization made up of volunteer health professionals. There they met a fellow UBC community member, Dr. Hubert Chao.



Their chance encounter detailed again in the BC Medical Journal



Interviewed with her partner Drew Kostyniuk (on Ukrainian Independence Day), both healthcare workers here in BC of Ukrainian-Canadian descent. This summer, they volunteered with Ukrainian Patriot to travel to Kyiv and provide aid on the ground.”


Luba asked that we link this story at the end from a midwife, Vira Tselyk, in Ukraine who recently spoke at the ICM.
“It’s so important to keep Ukrainian voices centred in any stories…thank you.”