Michelle Tran

I am excited by this opportunity to mentor BIPOC students.

I am a second generation Canadian with immigrant parents from Vietnam. I learned from an early age to translate, break down complex concepts, and negotiate on their behalf. I think this has helped me provide better midwifery care for people with limited English.

During my Bachelor of Science, I volunteered for the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association’s (VCSA) Vietnamese Youth and Professionals Program as a mentor for 2 senior high school students. This program enabled Vietnamese Canadians to connect and start a dialogue about culture, perceived and real barriers, post secondary education and careers. Secondly, I have had the opportunity to assist with being a preceptor to a few midwifery students over the past year.

I hope that I can draw from my past mentorship experience, my recent journey through the UBC Midwifery Program, and my own lived experience as a BIPOC individual and registered midwife to provide helpful mentorship to a BIPOC midwifery student.