Allison Campbell, RM, MA

Associate Professor of Teaching

Lead, Midwifery Undergraduate Program


Allison Campbell is an Associate Professor of Teaching. She completed her Master of Arts (Sociology) at Simon Fraser University in 2004, where she studied the treatment of women classified as maximum security, in Canada’s federal prison system. She completed her BMW at UBC in 2006, and has been practicing in Vancouver since then. She has been teaching in the Midwifery Program since 2012, and became fully appointed in 2015. Allison is currently the Undergraduate Program Lead. Allison’s main research and curricular interests are in midwifery and social justice, with regards to both care provision and midwifery education. She is a queer, single parent, a quilter and a lover of homegrown tomatoes, among many other things.


Simon Fraser University, 2004, Master of Arts in Sociology
University of British Columbia, 2006, Bachelor of Midwifery


MIDW 102 Birth and Its Meaning(s)
MIDW 120 Midwifery and Social Justice
MIDW 435 Comprehensive Midwifery Theory and Practice
MIDW 440 Clinical Clerkship
MIDW 200 Introduction to Midwifery Clinical Care (2012-2019)
MIDW 201 Clinical Skills for Midwifery Practice (2012-2019)
MIDW 230 Midwifery Theory for Primary Care (2012-2019)
MIDW 240 Core Midwifery Clinical Care (2012-2019)
MIDW 305 Midwifery Theory for Variations in Primary Care (2015-2017)
MIDW 320 Variations in Midwifery Clinical Care (2015-2017)

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Association for Midwifery Education (CAMEd), Secretary
Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM), Member
Midwives Association of BC (MABC), Member
Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES), Member
BC Women’s Hospital, Medical Staff
Burnaby Hospital, Medical Staff
Pomegranate Community Midwives, Registered Midwife

Research Interests

Health care and social justice, prison health care, maternity care provision to marginalized populations, qualitative research methods, institutional ethnography.

Publications and Presentations

A. Campbell and L. Page (2018). Chapter 1: Midwife as Practitioner, in Comprehensive Midwifery: The Role of the Midwife in Health Care Practice, Education, and Research, Part 1. Beth Murray-Davis et. al, eds. Available online at

Hodgson, Z., Latka, P., Fulford, R. and Campbell, A. (2017). The Use of Poke Root in the Treatment of Lactational Mastitis: Practice Patterns among Midwives in British Columbia. CJMRP, 16 (3), 8-16. (CA)

A. Coyle, A. Campbell, and R. Neufeld, eds. 2003. Capitalist Punishment: Prison Privatization and Human Rights (NY: Human Rights Internet; Clarity Press).