Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty are registered midwives who run active practices in British Columbia, and devote significant time to training and mentoring midwifery students in clinical contexts. The Midwifery Program is able to fulfill its mandate only with the dedicated participation of preceptors who prepare midwifery students for practice. Clinical Faculty enjoy many of the same benefits available to full-time academic faculty, such as travel and buying discounts. Clinical Faculty benefits are detailed here.

Midwifery Program Clinical Faculty can be found under Department of Family Practice in the UBC Calendar. Clinical Instructors are listed in the calendar. Clinical Professors, Clinical Associate Professors and Clinical Assistant Professors are listed here.

Midwifery Clinical Faculty who serve as Clinical Preceptors receive a stipend. Clinical Preceptors must have appointments as Clinical Faculty. Midwives interested in being Clinical Preceptors need to complete the Preceptor and Clinical Faculty Application forms below.

Please email these forms with an updated resume to Ara Silva. Contact Ara at if you have any questions.

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Clinical Faculty Application

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