Other Bursaries or Awards

  • BC Women’s Hospital Medical Staff Association Global Placement Bursary
  • Go Global Bursaries*
  • Centre for International Child Health Bursary


BC Women’s Hospital Medical Staff Association Global Placement Bursary

Due February 15, 2018

This is a bursary to assist trainees at BCWH to assist with expenses on a global placement. This bursary can be applied for as a group with all students’ names listed with their placement sites or individually.

Write a short application letter stating:

  • where you are going to go,
  • why you want to do this placement,
  • what you will be doing,
  • what you expect to learn.

Amounts given to applicants may vary year to year. Send this application to president of the Medical Staff Association (Dr. Woo) drhwoo@gmail.com; with copy to Linda Knox, lknox@cw.bc.ca.

Linda is head of Midwifery at BC Women’s Hospital. On the subject line put Midwifery Global Bursary 2018, indicating that you are applying for the Medical Staff Association Global Bursary. All award recipients must commit to writing a short report (a couple of paragraphs is enough, or a bit longer if you like) thanking them at the end of your placement (by e-mail to Dr. Woo and to Linda Knox). These are due by the end of your placement.

Students must also commit to attending a MSA meeting in the following academic year.  This may require travel from clinical placement sites to attend scheduled event in Vancouver.  This would not count for one or two of your 3 days off per month.


Go Global Bursaries*

* One of the Go Global Bursaries in the amount of $600.00 is provided to each student automatically as part of their MIDW 370 global placement experience