Fairchild Television: BC Midwives Short Documentary

Fairfield TV aired a mini BC midwives documentary on April 28, 2023. Prominent in the interviews is Zoe Hodgson, the Clinical Midwifery Lead for the Midwives Association of BC, and an adjunct faculty member for the Midwifery Program and program director Dr. Cecilia Jevitt are interviewed. (The remainder of the interview is in Mandarin).

The documentary communicates a demand from the women in the Chinese community in BC who want midwives. There are 400,000 Chinese residing in Metro-Vancouver, alone, and very, very, few Mandarin-speaking midwives.

Via: Fairchild TV Youtube: Founded in 1993, “New Era TV” is one of the diversified media under “New Era Media Group”. It is also Canada’s No. 1 national Chinese-language media.