UBC Midwifery at International Labour & Birth Conference

UBC Midwifery’s research and education were a prominent presence at this meeting. Four midwifery faculty members presented their work at the International Labour and Birth Conference in Grange Over Sand, England, April 24-26. UBC Midwifery had research presentations by:

  • Dr. Saraswathi Vedam (respectful maternity care) Dr. Vedam, a member of the conference planning committee, additionally moderated several sessions.
  • Dr. Cecilia Jevitt and Dr. Kathrin Stoll (metabolic health in pregnancy in BC 2008-2018) and Dr. Kaveri Mayra, Birth Place Lab postdoctoral fellow (trauma and abuse in maternity care).
    • Dr. Kathrin Stoll was additionally part of a Polish research team that studied fear of childbirth in Poland, using her validated fear in childbirth scale.
  • Jane Wines hosted a table promoting UBC Midwifery’s Internationally Educate Midwives Bridging Program.

Take a peek at the past programme here: https://www.uclan.ac.uk/assets/pdf/labour-and-birth-conference-programme.pdf.