RN Advanced Placement Plan

The Midwifery Program is excited to announce the development of an Advanced Placement Plan for Registered Nurses interested in becoming midwives.  Nursing and midwifery have many areas of theory and clinical skills which overlap.  This advanced placement study will enable most RN applicants to reduce the 143 credit midwifery bachelor program by 27 credit hours there by reducing the costs required to complete this degree.

The process for nurses to apply to the Midwifery program will follow a similar trajectory as all candidates to the program with additional areas to identify their educational/professional background:

Step One:  Applying to UBC:

  1. All applicants must submit an application to UBC Enrolment Services through ubc.ca and identify Midwifery as their first choice of programs. This application must be submitted by the December 5th identified deadline.

Step Two:  Midwifery Supplemental Application and Transcripts:

  1. The applicant completes the UBC midwifery supplemental application.
  2. The applicant must submit their supplemental application by the January 15th document deadline to UBC Enrolment Services. Also required by this deadline are:
  3. a) All university or college transcripts including their nursing bachelor degree.  *All candidates who have completed a nursing degree and are currently working as a nurse upon application are waived from re-taking the BIO 155 prerequisite.
  4. b) All certificates from any advanced perinatal courses such as the BCIT Perinatal Specialty Nursing Course.

Step Three:  Midwifery Interviews and Offer:

  1. Following confirmation from Enrolment Services that the candidate meets the UBC entry requirements, candidates will be identified for UBC Midwifery Selections Interviews to be held in mid-late April.
  2. Following determination that the applicant is qualified for program admission, RN applications will be reviewed by a UBC Midwifery clinical faculty member, who was an RN prior to midwifery registration, and another member of the Admissions Committee. A draft study plan will be developed for the applicant.
  3. Once the RN’s application, prior experience, and clinical skill have been assessed and the coursework required for completion of the midwifery bachelor degree has been determined, and the applicant has been admitted to the program, the RN applicant will be given a written plan of study.

Limited credits in years 1 and 2 of the Midwifery Bachelor Degree will enable the RN to continue working at least part-time during midwifery studies. RN applicants must not work in practices or hospital units where they are attending midwifery clinical placements. This prevents role confusion by those working with RN midwifery student.   For a sample program plan for RN’s, please click here.