KT Specialist and Researcher

Dana has both an MA and PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research focuses on the relationship between entertainment and ideology and the ways in which entertainment can be used to facilitate communication about complex problems. Her research interests include ideologies of genocide and international conflict, knowledge translation, and the impact of bias within the medical profession on women with obesity.

Dana’s publications include several journal articles, book chapters, and a book published by Lexington Books, titled Ideological Battlegrounds: Entertainment to Disarm Divisive Propaganda. She has also conducted, published, and presented conference papers on the influence of theatre and paratheatre on the Holocaust and the potential application of Harry Potter to genocide education and conflict resolution.

Dana has experience in both integrative mixed-methods and qualitative research practices. In addition, she has decades of experience as a theatre artist, having worked as a director, actor, voice over artist, stage manager, and designer (lighting, sound, costume, props, and set). She also has experience in theatre administration and management. The combination of her academic and artistic experience places her at the intersection between those fields of practice.

When Dana is not working at the Birth Place Lab, she owns and operates her own business, D-Editions.