Currently, I am a registered midwife in BC, with my own practice and I hold a preceptor position with University of British Columbia. Apart from my private practice, I also work at Maxxine Wright Community Health Center, an organization which serves women of cultures. Through my work with Maxxine Wright, I have served women of diverse backgrounds, such as Indigenous, Caucasian, and People of Colour. With an empathetic and caring approach I treat women who suffer from substance abuse or/and have been affected by violence/abuse. By using a non-judgemental model of practice I am able to help my clients in a respectful and courteous way; understanding each Individual I serve has unique experiences and perspectives. Apart from associating with clients, Maxxine Wright enables me to work with a multidisciplinary team which includes Nurse Practitioners, Obstetricians, Medical Doctors, Dieticians, and Counsellors to name a few. This teamwork allows for fostering an equitable relationship with the women we help.

Within my own private practice, though I work as a solo midwife, I still collaborate with Nurses, Doctors and other midwives to meet the needs of my clients. These interactions help to build, manage and maintain quality and productive relationships. I have worked with various group practices such as Haven Midwifery and Community Birth Program, Surrey. I am a clinical preceptor for UBC Midwifery students. Through these experiences, I have developed an effective communication with those that I work with.

Apart from my work in BC, I was recruited to start the midwifery program with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region in September 2010. Part of my responsibility was to promote midwifery through educating the public and other health care professionals in the region on the scope of midwifery practice in Canada. Other critical roles I played in addition to client care involved recruitment, supervision and mentoring new midwives. As a midwife in Regina, the care included accessing and caring for a priority population comprised of teenagers, immigrants, Indigenous, single mothers and low-income clients.

As a registered nurse in Canada since 2002, I worked in various units including surgical and oncology for approximately eight years. I also worked as a preceptor for nursing students and mentored new grads. My work experience in Ghana comprised of over sixteen years in hospitals and a community clinic, as a manager taking charge and integrating client care with multi-disciplinary teams. Apart from supervising other nurses and midwives in various institutions, I performed all tasks necessary for direct patients or clients care and adapt well to new environments.