Progression in the Midwifery Program


All courses with the prefix MIDW are required for the degree. Academic performance is reviewed at the end of each term. Students must achieve a grade of 65% in all MIDW courses and achieve a Pass/Satisfactory performance in the clinical portion of each MIDW course at each review to continue in Good Standing in the Midwifery Program.

A student is considered to be in Good Standing when all of the following criteria are met:

  • Achieves a cumulative average of 65% in graded courses.
  • Achieves a minimum grade of 65% in all MIDW courses
  • Achieves a Pass/Satisfactory performance in the OSCES, Specialty Certification courses including NRP, FHS, ALARM, MESP and ACORN and clinical portion of all courses.
  • Receives a passing grade (minimum 50%) in all other university-graded courses.

The Midwifery Program reserves the right, at any point during the term, to remove a student from a clinical placement or laboratory setting if the student exhibits unsafe clinical practice or behavior that places clients or others at risk and/or violates the by-laws of the College of Midwives of British Columbia or the University Code of Conduct. Such removal will lead to in the student receiving an “F” grade and may result in dismissal from the Midwifery Program.

The Midwifery Program reserves the right at any point during the program to terminate the student’s participation in the program. Although satisfactory academic performance is prerequisite to advancement, it is not the sole criterion in the consideration of the suitability of a student for promotion or graduation. The Program reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from the program if considered to be unsuitable to proceed with the study or practice of midwifery.


Last revised June 24, 2013