The Pollock Clinics Global Student Award

The Pollock Clinics Global Student Award provides funds to support UBC Midwifery students going on a global placement as part of MIDW 370, with the goal of enhancing maternal and infant care in low-resourced countries, and helping students to experience a different maternity care environment.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to the Student Services Manager ( by February 15th of the placement year with the name of the Award in the subject line. 

A letter detailing ALL of the following information (maximum of 500 words):

  • Your name, student number, UBC email address and home address
  • Country where will you be going
  • What you hope to learn through this experience
  • How you will contribute to the team in the global setting where you are placed
  • Information regarding any additional work you plan to undertake while abroad (e.g., research)
  • Any previous work or placements you have done with vulnerable populations
  • How you expect the placement will be of benefit to you for future work in midwifery, or as a global citizen
  • What your practice goals are for the future

Adjudication and Notification

Bursary applications are evaluated by a committee comprised of 2 faculty members and the Student Services Manager. All applicants will be notified regarding results of their individual application and possible award amount no later than one month prior to their prospective departure date.

Student Responsibility

All bursary recipients are required to submit a brief report following the global placement, describing and reflecting on their experience, and discussing how the contribution from the donor supported the learning experience. Recipients may also be required to meet with the funder in the year following the global placement, to speak briefly about their global placement experience. This meeting may take place during a clinical placement in the following academic year, and it is expected that all recipients would make every effort possible to attend (including taking time off call if necessary).

*The amount of each individual award will be determined by the committee upon review depending on funds available.


“The 2019 international midwifery placement to Uganda with UBC gave me an opportunity to build my confidence in midwifery management whilst being supervised and safe. I think we really learned how to manage obstetric and neonatal emergencies in low-resource settings – skills that will forever be useful in our future practices as a midwives. One thing I particularly loved about this placement was getting to learn and work alongside our fellow classmates. So often in our learning environments, we are isolated from our peers but the global placements allow us to work together as a team, review cases and learn from each other.  I would recommend the Ugandan international placement to any student that is considering it. I am also very thankful for the bursaries, gifts and awards that have made this kind of learning achievable.”

Jessica Smith
UBC Midwifery Student


3rd year UBC Midwifery students demonstrating birth skills in Nepal