Courtney Broten, RM, MHPE, McAc

Clinical Assistant Professor

Courtney Broten has been teaching for the University of British Columbia, Midwifery Program, since 2010. She received a Master’s in Health Professional Education from Maastricht University. She teaches in all learning environments, for all levels of students. She co-developed the open course Dialogue and Decisions: Advancing Person Centred Health Care. Courtney has held leadership positions in regional and provincial organizations and she lead research projects on access to midwives and midwifery education. She co-founded Birth & Beyond, the midwifery faculty practice at UBC’s Interprofessional Health Clinic.


Maastricht University, Masters in Health Profession Education
Laurentian University, Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery


MIDW 200 Introduction to Midwifery Clinical Care
MIDW 201 Clinical Skills for Midwifery Practice
MIDW 230 Midwifery Theory for Primary Care
MIDW 240 Core Midwifery Clinical Care
MIDW 325 Professional Issues in Midwifery
MIDW 435 Comprehensive Midwifery Theory and Practice
MIDW 440 Clinical Clerkship

Professional Affiliations

Centre for Health Education Scholarship
Canadian Association of Midwifery Educators
College of Midwives of BC
Midwives Association of BC
Canadian Association of Midwives

Research Interests

Midwifery Education and Health Profession Education