Message from the new Director

I am absolutely delighted to have been selected to be the new Director of the Midwifery Program at UBC and I look forward to taking up my post in January 2014.

I visited UBC in June and was really impressed with what has been achieved on the midwifery program over the last ten years. This is testimony to what can be achieved by a small but dedicated team who are truly committed and have a clear vision for what is possible. The recent support from Government for program expansion further endorses the potential for midwifery at UBC. UBC has a clear mandate to provide education programs that prepare midwives for 21st century practice, who are fit for practice and fit for purpose, but also to support further developments in the role of the midwife, and the development of midwifery knowledge and inquiry. I look forward to working with faculty and staff in examining how UBC Midwifery can achieve its education and research brief and contribute effectively to the realization of UBC’s strategic objectives.

The model of midwifery practice that has been developed in BC embraces the concept of woman centred, autonomous midwifery practice promoted by the ICM (2011) and has established a clear and reciprocal role for the midwife within the multidisciplinary team. This is an exciting time for midwifery in BC and I look forward to working with midwifery colleagues to develop the education and research required to support this further.

I had the privilege of meeting several representatives from UBC and midwifery in BC and Canada during my visit in June. I look forward to meeting everyone again in early 2014 to learn more about your priorities and concerns, and to explore how we can work together.

With every good wish

Michelle Butler