St. Joseph’s General Hospital

2137 Comox Ave
Comox, BC
V9M 1P2

Phone Number
(250) 339-2242

St. Joseph’s General Hospital


About St. Joseph’s General Hospital

The safety of infant and mother is the primary concern, together with the desire to make the birthing process as pleasant and family-centered as possible. The staff respects the birthing plans of parents which have been discussed beforehand with the attending physician/midwife and nursing staff.

There are three tastefully decorated and fully equipped labour and delivery rooms. If a Cesarean birth is necessary, it is done in one of the hospital’s main operating rooms. Up to two support people are permitted in the labour/delivery room at any one time. Once delivery is complete, staff will provide as much time as possible for the new family member to bond with parents. Then the new mother and baby will be transferred to the Post Partum Unit. The average length of stay for maternity patients is 2-3 days following a normal delivery; 4-5 days following a Cesarean Section.