Using multiple mini-interviews to assess nursing school applicants

2009 McBurney S, Carty E. (2009). Using multiple mini-interviews to assess nursing school applicants. The Canadian Nurse, 105(1): 8-10.
The University of British Columbia school of nursing introduced the multiple mini-interview (MMI) in spring 2008 as a part of the admission process for the two-year baccalaureate nursing program. In previous years, the more traditional paired faculty interview had been used to select candidates for this program, which attracts more qualified applicants than can be accommodated. Based on a review of the health sciences literature on admissions processes, the faculty decided to try the MMI approach, which was pioneered by McMaster University’s faculty of medicine (Eva, Rosenfeld, Reiter, & Norman, 2004). In this process, each candidate rotates through a series of interview stations — each one in a separate room with a single interviewer. At each station, the candidate responds to a scenario designed to test for competencies and specific attributes that are considered necessary for success in the education program and in the profession.

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