Physicians attidtudes towards midwifery in British Columbia

2002    Kornelsen J, Dahinten VS, Carty E, Gillespie EM. (2002). Physicians attitudes towards midwifery in British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice, 1(1): 6-12.



This study examines family physician’s attitudes towards midwives and the integration of midwifery into the health care system in British Columbia. Family physicians were surveyed 18 months after the introduction of regulated midwifery in British Columbia to determine the impact they thought midwives would have on maternity care, what conditions midwives would practice under, and the nature of their past and current experiences with midwifery care. Although the response rate was low, the data revealed that the safety of home birth, adequacy of midwifery training and perceived inequitable funding of midwives when compared to funding of family physicians were issues of concern for the respondents. The authors suggest that these issues need to be addressed in order for midwifery to successfully integrate into the maternity care services in British Columbia.

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