Methodological Triangulation in Midwifery Research

2010    Stoll K. (2010). Methodological Triangulation in Midwifery Research. Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research & Practice, 9(2): 17-24.

Midwifery researchers form an eclectic interdisciplinary group, and utilize a variety of research methods and
data analysis approaches. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of midwifery research, there are many
opportunities for using mixed-method research designs to enhance theory and knowledge development in this
area of inquiry. The benefits of including both quantitative and qualitative research components in the same
study are extensive, yet many researchers are uncertain about how to design and interpret mixed methods
studies. This paper was written as an introduction to mixed methods study designs in midwifery research.
Different approaches to methodological triangulation and its respective strengths are discussed as well as
threats to validity in mixed-methods studies. Examples from midwifery research are used to illustrate core

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