Effects on parents of an intervention to resolve infant behavioral sleep problems

2006    Hall W, Clauson M, Carty E, Janssen P, Saunders R. (2006). Effects on parents of an intervention to resolve infant behavioral sleep problems. Pediatr Nurs, 32(3): 243-250.


Purpose: Because behavioral sleep problems affect a large proportion of infants and can result in health issues for children and their parents, the study evaluated the effects of a sleep intervention for infants from 6 to 12 months old.

Method: For this quasi-experimental one group pre-test and post-test design, 39 eligible families were recruited through a newborn hotline. Seventy parents with healthy 6 to 12-month old infants completed the intervention. The intervention involved information about infant sleep and strategies for sleep problems in classes of up to 6 couples, chart completion, and bi-weekly telephone calls for 2 weeks. The primary outcome measures were parents’ sleep quality, fatigue, cognitions about infant sleep, depression, marital harmony, and sleepiness.

Findings: Following the intervention, there was a significant improvement in parents’ sleep quality, cognitions about infant sleep, fatigue, and depressed mood.

Conclusions: The study findings demonstrated that providing parents with information and support to assist with infant behavioral sleep problems can improve parental psychological well being.

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