Senior Instructor

Cathryn Ellis is a registered midwife in British Columbia and an Instructor in the Division of Midwifery. Her past experiences include the coordination of the Immigrant Women’s Primary Health Project and the coordination of a provincial consensus committee around Blood-Borne Pathogens and Injection Drug Use (Saskatchewan Health). She has experience working in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Kosovo, Zambia, Uganda and Nepal as a midwife and instructor. Cathy Ellis has been developing ways to participate in Safe Motherhood initiatives by working with midwives in these countries to strengthen midwifery practices and in-service training. Her current work includes midwifery consulting for the Interrupting Pathways to Maternal Newborn and Early Childhood Sepsis Initiative in rural Bangladesh.

University of Saskatchewan, Masters of Science (Community Health and Epidemiology)
SIAST, Diploma (Nursing)
University of Regina, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Visual Arts)
MIDW 360 Global Maternal Infant Health
MIDW 370 Global Clinical Placement
Research Interests

Safe Motherhood, Global Midwifery

Publications and Presentations

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