Internationally Educated Midwives Bridging Program


Welcome to the Internationally Educated Midwives Bridging Program (IEMBP) at UBC.  The IEMBP is designed for midwives who have been educated in an approved Midwifery program outside of Canada.  Only applicants who have prior Midwifery education are eligible for the IEMBP.

Application Process:

The IEMBP Application Portfolio has two parts.  The following is a brief outline of what will be expected of each candidate who applies to the IEMBP.

Part 1: Basic Application – information about you and your Midwifery background

Part 2: Expanded Portfolio – information about your clinical experience as a Midwife/Midwifery student.

The Part 1: Basic Application  must be completed, finalized and submitted along with all related evidence documents for assessment by all applicants.   Only candidates who are assessed as eligible based on their Part 1: Basic Application will be required to complete, finalize and submit their Part 2: Expanded Portfolio for a final assessment.

Upon successful completion of the IEMBP, candidates will be eligible to write the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination (CMRE), in order to register as a Midwife in British Columbia.

Deadline for Application:

Finalized applications (Part 1: Basic Application, Part 2: Expanded Portfolio and all required documentation/forms) must be received to UBC Midwifery by August 31st, 2016.

To ensure each candidate meets this deadline, it is strongly recommend that you begin working on submitting your Part 1: Basic Application and all required documents immediately as collecting required documents and completing required evaluations and ensuring proper delivery can be time consuming.



Please disregard information in the MMBP/ IEMBP Portfolio Assessment application process that refers to any other jurisdiction outside of British Columbia.